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Shotgun's Family Meal Pack 

You're on vacation - let us handle the cooking! Our Family Meal Pack includes brisket and sausage, your choice of potato salad

or coleslaw, beans, BBQ sauce, relish (pickles and onions) and rolls with butter. 

Feeds 4 - $52 + tax

Feeds 6- $78 + tax

Feeds 10 - $130 + tax

Add a gallon of sweet or unsweet iced tea - $6

Order Family Packs over the phone or in-person at Shotgun Willie's. Must order by 1pm on day of (we're happy to accommodate future orders as well!). Pick up at Shotgun Willie's before 2pm or right across the street at Lil' Willie's until 7:00 PM. 

BBQ by the Pound

Sliced Brisket by the Pound - $14.99/per lb. 

Chopped Brisket - $12.99/per lb.

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